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Vue Group

Based in South West Australia, Vue Group is a boutique production company making movie, broadcast /streamer and large format content for Australia and international markets. Led by founding partners writer, producer, director Alan Lindsay and Managing Producer Helen Clucas, Breaker Bay is the development and rights management company of the group, Vue DC is the production entity making drama and documentary.  We are experienced co-producers.


Australian Tax Offsets

Production Offset: A refundable tax rebate calculated on a project’s qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE): 40% of QAPE for a feature film for cinema release; 30% for TV or subscription service.

Post Production Offset: 30% on the QAPE that relates to post, digital and visual effects and animation production for a film.

Location Offset: 16.5% offset on qualifying Australian production expenditure (QAPE) for film and television projects filmed in Australia with an Australian spend of over $15 million. Large productions may attract a grant of up to 13.5% of the production's QAPE, a merit assessed grant complimenting the 16.5% Location Offset.

Co-production & Production Service

Australia currently has co-production treaties with China, Canada, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom plus MOU's with France and New Zealand and is negotiating treaties with Denmark and India.

Vue Group can service productions without formal arrangements on a commission basis. On Jia Zhangke's Mountains May Depart with 2 months notice  we provided an Australian producer, packaged West Australian and Victorian locations and managed provision of equipment, facilities, Australian crew, craft services, logistics and production management to deliver the Palme d'Or finalist movie on time and on budget.

West Australian Attraction Fund

A $20M attraction incentive fund to attract high profile, market driven footloose screen productions to West Australia.

West Australian Regional Film Fund

A fund to attract production to West Australia's regions of up to $2M based on a 2:1 ratio of Qualifying West Australian regional funding.

West Australian PDV 'top-up'

An incentive to post produce (including FX and animation) in West Australia regardless of where filmed. 20% of the first $500K (up to $100,000) and a further 10% rebate for all expenditure over $500K.


West Australia is the largest state in Australia with a stunning range of locations from red outback to lush forest, cityscapes, historic towns, and a 25,780 kilometre coastline.

Vue Group is located in the South West, 48.9M hectares hugging a coastline with spectacular beaches, forests and wildlife. The climate is Mediterranean, which is perfect for its nine internationally celebrated wine regions. The region is served by four commercial airports, Perth International, Bussleton, Albany and Esperance. Perth is the capital city with a population of 1.9M, Bunbury is the commercial centre of regional South West with a greater population of 120,000.

Vue group


On current worldwide release; romcom Crazy About You (Producer/Director) and documentary feature Harmony the Missing 8th (Producer/Director/Cinematographer). Alan is Australian Producer of Jia Zhangke’s Mountains May Depart (山河故人) which competed in Palme d’Or and the animated movies Kung Fu Style and Perfect Friends. Since 2000 he has also directed the ABC/HBO documentary Child Soldiers (Silver World Medal New York Film Festival), produced and directed the ABC/FA documentary A Compassionate Rage, the ABC series Hell On Ice, the National Geographic/ABC series Black Ice, the ABC/NDR doco series Wild Valley, the dramatised doco miniseries Air Australia. Prior to 2020 Alan has 120 documentary and drama productions to his credit.


Managing Producer with 30 years experience. Helen was Managing Producer for the Australia/China co-venture features Kung Fu Style and Perfect Friends and Associate Producer for the Australia/UK/New Zealand miniseries co-production Savage Play with Sir Ian Richardson, Producer of feature film Crazy About You, feature documentary Harmony the Missing 8th, dramatised documentary mini-series Air Australia, documentary series Wild Valley (Australia/German joint venture),  Film Australia/ABCTV documentary A Compassionate Rage filmed in Albania, Jordan and Australia and Production Manager McArthur’s Dream with Jack Thompson, filmed in seven countries.

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